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seasons of upper hunza valley


Blossom Hunza ValleyBlossom Season in Hunza Valley


Summer months in upper Hunza valley usually start in the beginning of May and last till about mid september.During these months, the days are mostly warm and bright, typical of most summer monhs, while temperature drops considerably at night. The transition from summer to Autumn takes place during the last few days of September. Autumn is a time when the landscape of upper Hunza valley looks like a painting, with the tree leaves turning gold, red, orange and yellow, contrasting sharply with the barren mountains with snow-covered peaks and the emerald green waters of fast- flowing rivers. It is the best time for exploring the beautifull upper Hunza valley.

Hunza Valley Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan


Winter time begins in November and last till about end of February. The temperature can drop as low as minus 15 C on most winter nights. Gulmit Continental Hotel with its combination of modern and Traditional healing facilities is on its way to promote winter tourism in Upper Hunza Valley.The most beautiful and awe- inspiring time of the year is spring season. Spring season in Upper Hunza valley is something behold, this is the time of the year when trees of Almond, Apricots, Peach and Apple brust in to different colours with hues of Red, Pink, white and Purple. The clear bracing weather offers the best view of the surrounding mountains. Spring season attracts many tourist who witness the blossoms. Spring time marks the opening of the tourists season in upper Hunza valley.


Hunza Valley Autumn Season Blossom Season in Hunza Valley