Welcome to GC Gulmit Continental, the name of complete satisfaction and great taste of hospitality centrally located in the heart of the beautiful Gulmit valley. at Continental we believe a great Hotel should offer more than a good night's sleep. It should create an environment that awakens your senses.

Full moon dinner


Our Restaurant presents the elegance of the Hunza's royal post. Enjoy the taste of simple yet nourishing variety of local cuisines with the soft melodious folk tunes and beats.

Theme night and  seasonal bar-ba-cue provide interesting choices to discering plate. Roof top dinner, offering mesmerizing views of the mighty Karakoram Peaks amoungest which Passu Cathedral presenting an awe inspiring view of nature's beauty with its full grandeur and the Gulmit Tower, face to face gracefully wedged at the far end of qaroon, are the most spectatcular.

Special Dinner programs available all nights surrounding the Full Moon.
Package Dinner including local Dishes of upper Hunza valley.
Following Dinner escorted hike to can be arrange Ondra Fort.

Package Dinner 600/=

Including local dishes of Upper Hunza valley.


Appricote soup starter.

Ghilmindi- (A local pitza with a layer of bread smeared up with appricote oil and local cheese).

Molida- (A local favourite food made from Mashed bread and sour butter milk).

Batt- (Flour mixed with either milk or water cooked and served with oil poured from the top).

Grall-(A solution of flour and water poured on the oven top and flatened with a laddle to cooked then eatten having put oil and mulberry jam).

Desert-(Fresh fruit,local cakes and local Mountain Tea (Chumrrow0).