Welcome to GC Gulmit Continental, the name of complete satisfaction and great taste of hospitality centrally located in the heart of the beautiful Gulmit valley. at Continental we believe a great Hotel should offer more than a good night's sleep. It should create an environment that awakens your senses.

Famous tourist spots




Ondra Fort Gulmit Gojal Upper Hunza Valley

Kalandarchi Fort Misgar Gojal Upper Hunza Valley


Taqla Gar Gojal Upper Hunza about 443 A.D

Scenic Points:

Chipurson Valley
Boibar Valley
Shimshal Valley
Khunjerab Valley
Borith Lake
Patundass Viewpoint


Khunjerab Pass (4733m)

Kilik Pass (4827m)
Mintika Pass (4726m)
Chafchingol Pass (5100m)
Worthum Pass (5147m)
Irshad-Uwin Pass (4925m)
Shimshal Pass (4735m)
Karmin Pass  (4023m)
Tupopdan Peak (6106m)
Gulmit Tower (5810m)
Patundass Peak (7284m)
Korun Peak (7350m)
Borith Sar  (4200m)
Shisper Peak (7611m)
Baltbarsar Mountain  
Sarnacheen Mountain  
Gulmit Pulpul Mountain  
Ghuwsh Mountain