Welcome to GC Gulmit Continental, the name of complete satisfaction and great taste of hospitality centrally located in the heart of the beautiful Gulmit valley. at Continental we believe a great Hotel should offer more than a good night's sleep. It should create an environment that awakens your senses.

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The area offers unlimited trekking for all grades or challenges from one day onwards .  The treks to Shatuber Glacier , Baltbar SAR Glacier, and to the Pamir side it provides magnificent views and adventures. A moderate day long trek takes you from Gulmit , through kamaris to Ghulkin and onward across ghulkin Glacier Borith lake eventually Hussaini (hot spring and suspension) this trek offers a diverse experience from a panoramic view including peaks, Glaciers , streams, rivers crop fields and settlements offering the chance to meet very hospitable people.

Karakoram HighwayKarakoram Highway

The trek between Gulmit and hussaini offers another taste of foot bridge ( Dut ) that demand bravely and high settlements of wakhi migration and has recently become more accessible for visitors. Traveling by jeep through the narrow gorges of boiber as well as chapursan, shimshal and Misgar valleys all gives a thrilling experience. The best trekking season is usually from may to Octover . the shisper Glacier trek can be done as long day trek or you can camp on night on shisper meadow. It is recommended to arrange every thing for you. It is a pleasant hour stroll ot ondra fort near kamaris village . from here there are impressive views dowm to karakurum highway to tupopdan peak. The management of Gulmit continental hotel will gladly assist you in planning your treks and walks around Gulmit village.


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