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about gojal

Gojal (Burushaski: Hairbar), also known as Upper Hunza, is an area north of Gilgit in the far north of Pakistan near the Chinese and Afghan borders. It is the largest tehsil of the Northern Areas.

Gojal is a series of small and large valleys sharing borders with Hunza in the south, China in the north and east, and Afghanistan in the north-west. Shishkat is the first village of Gojal. Except for the Shimshal, Misgar and Chipursan valleys, all the villages of Gojal can be seen from the Karakorum Highway (KKH), which crosses Gojal, entering China at the Khunjerab Pass.


Khunjerab Pass Gojal Karakoram Highway (KKH)


The population of Gojal is about 20,000. The majority speak the Wakhi language, while the Burushaski and Domaaki languages are also spoken in some villages. The people belong to the Ismaili sect of ShiaIslam.

Immigrants to Gojal originated from the Wakhan in Afghanistan, parts of China (like Ruskum), Tashkurgan and the Hunza valley.

Historically the people were shepherds and/or small-scale farmers. Over time, service industries have taken the lead and now most of the people are employed in government and non-governmental organizations. A significant number of the locals are also engaged in trade.

Literacy rates are very high throughout the region. The BBC reported that Passu, a village on the KKH, had one hundred per cent literacy rate in 1998[citation needed]. Residents of remote valleys like Chipursan (bordering Wakhan, Afghanistan) and Shimshal (bordering China) have schools.


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Tourist Sites

Shimshal Valley ŠIMŠAL DIYOR

The valley of shimshal is a very beautifull and peacefull valley of Gilgit Baltistan, which is situated at the border of Pak/ China at the altitude of 3100mt from the sea level . Where more then two hundred inhabitants are playing an active role in development of there lives in the valley. This alluring and beautifull place is famous for its ancient custom, culture, broad glaciers vast plains and snow covered and bright peaks around the world. The people who lead there lives over here not only brave but also extremely diligent.The dwellers of this area set many examples of bravery and one of them is the construction of the Shimshal road through very dangerous area at the risk of there lives/ beside that the livelihood and income of the people depends on tillage and sheep and goat. During the summer season the villagers move towards the high pastures to graze their sheep and goats while in the winter season come back to their shelters with there animals. in short, the local people get wool and yogurt and butter, and then aggrandize their income. Their income depends on the season and temperatures. In the course of the summer season and hot tempratures the villagers income increased as compared to winter season cold tempratures. Yaks is an important animals of shimshal which lives every year at the altitude of 4700mt and its very difficult to take care of yaks in the season of winter in the summer season there is yak race in 4700mt high pasture. Besides that different religious and social festivals and events are celebrated with zeal and zest. This place is very fertile for about reserchers hundered years old cultures and festivals which are alive ill now. there are more then eleven 7000mt snow covered peaks which are challenge for mountaineers and so many trekking peaks, the passes link our place to another near valley. In the all passes especially braldu and kurdapin are at the to of the list. Braldu pass provides a playground for skee lovers while kurdapin pass links to sakardu through snow lake biafo hisper which has resulted in a great challenge. After the protection of environment blue sheep, mountain ibex and many others wild life species are seen from very near. However the famous snow leopards and mountain bears are seen rarely.


Chipursan Valley

Chipursan valley is a network of small and large villages close to the border of Afghanistan and parts of China. Historians say that this was the earliest human settlement of the entire region. Legends testify these claim but the valley remains a mystry for researchers and nature lovers. Chipursan is home to the Irshad Pass that connects Gojal Valley with Afghanistan. Also located in the vicinity of Chipursan Valley are Ishkoman, Buroghil and Yasin valleys.

Misgar Valley

Misgar valley is a narrow human settlement located very close to the Chinese border, almost parallel to Chipursan. Misgar is home to the Qalamdarchi Fort Fort of the Naked Saint. This "fort" was created by the British rulers of Hunza Valley to keep an eye on the movement of Soviet troops and spies in the region. Kilik and Mintika Passes adorn were used by traders, troops, travellers and, maybe, spies in the past. This fort is in a dilapidated condition. Parts of the fort are being used by Jawans of Pakistan Army.